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Taking Control of My Health

Posted on: May 15, 2016


It has been quite awhile since you’ve heard from me, and I thought it was about time you did! I’ve shared a little bit over the years about some of my health issues, mainly a lot of deficiencies, and what I’ve been doing to try and heal my body! I struggle with leaky gut, iron and multiple vitamin deficiencies, and super low blood sugar. I went through a 6 month holistic treatment plan a few years back in utah with Red River Wellness and we discovered a ton about my body. I am fortunate that my body is still very functional because I do understand things could be much worse! I was done with feeling tired all the time, depressed, and struggling with weight gain. The plan worked well and we took a lot of time with special dieting, supplements, and blood tests to get most of the issues resolved.  But a year later I had my blood checked again and it was dangerously close to the same as before my treatments.

Honestly I was at a loss.  I was so sick of eating the same type of food daily, swallowing a bunch of vitamins, and dealing with fatigue. As a dancer I was really sick of dealing with the yo-yoing of my weight and you can imagine the stress I put on myself to loose it. My body just couldn’t regulate itself well enough to function properly. Granted I am not perfect. I eat sugar (too much of it) and other processed foods that I really should stay away from, but overall I take pretty good care of myself and I shouldn’t have been feeling this badly.  I knew something was missing.

January of this year rolled around and I decided (like everyone else) to participate in a 30 detox challenge.  I reached out to a friend who is a certified nutritionist, health coach, personal trainer, and phenomenal dancer for her Transform 30 program. I thought it was just another “whole 30” type of a plan.  Turns out it was better and easier in my opinion. 30 days of no dairy or gluten. I’m intolerant to both so that’s something I could do! She also introduced me to Juice Plus. I was skeptical at first because I was already swallowing way too many vitamins and here is what I learned.

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is made from quality ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule to provide natural nutrients your body needs to be at its best.

I was up for the 30 day challenge and to give the capsules a shot. Two weeks in I could already feel the difference. No longer did I have to take a break in my pilates class and my energy levels were great! I definitely don’t eat 30 different fruits and vegetables a day and that’s really what I needed.  My body was craving the nutrients it wasn’t getting and i’m feeling so much better. Of course its no substitute for clean eating but it helps me bridge the gap 🙂 I also love how my skin glows and my weight is finally at a normal spot 🙂 Isn’t it crazy how when we feed our bodies right they just work?!

I hesitated sharing my story because I can’t count the countless products people throw at my face. But I felt selfish in keeping the knowledge I now have to myself.  I want to help the next generation of dancers take care of their bodies the way I didn’t. This generation of athletes is training harder than ever and they need the nutrition to support it. I want to be a voice of health and body love, not stress and weight management.

If you have any questions comment below! I’d be happy to share my experiences!



My Daily Go To Smoothie

Posted on: January 25, 2016


A little recipe for you today! I recently discovered Juice Plus and my life is changed! We can talk more about that later (send me a message if you’d like) but I wanted to share a super EASY and quick smoothie recipe I use daily!



Coconut Water ( I use Zico)

Two cubes of frozen Spinach (blend spinach with a bit of water and then freeze it in an ice tray! super easy)

Half of a frozen Banana

Handful of frozen berries (I used blueberries)

1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete (or any plant based protein)

Any additions you want! I like to add a little almond butter but anything like flax or chia seeds is great too!

Combine ingredients above in order they are listed and blend to enjoy! I use a little magic bullet and it works great for me!  No need to spend a fortune on a Vitamix to get a good smoothie taste.

Happy Blending!



Booty Rolls

Posted on: January 27, 2015


Yes you read that right. Booty rolls. Hair whips. Crop tops. High heels.

I made a goal with the new year to take at least two classes a week that are completely out of my comfort zone. I’m pretty comfortable in a hip hop class but ask me to be girly or whip my hair and I shrivel like a raisin.

Not saying that the only classes out here are sassy and girly, there are many styles, but if I am going to start auditioning I should learn to get comfortable in any setting. Since I am indeed a girl, being girly may be something I should be comfortable with, don’t you think?

Scary right? But I think it’s kinda fun. Who knows if I am making a fool of myself in those classes as a little white girl but I’m going for it. Thankfully, I’m still an individual and can make choices about what I allow myself to do. So no, I’m not saying because I live here I have to be whipping my hair all the time but I do need to push myself.

Jumping into a contemporary, jazz, and some hip hop classes I usually can hold my own but i’ve taken some classes lately that have really put me out of my box….I branched out and took class from a teacher I wasn’t familiar with and everyone around me was equally amazing.  I secretly just wanted to sit in the back and watch. The level of talent out here is insane!

What’s that quote about living outside your comfort zone? if you know it please do share because it needs to be my motto!



My Inspiration to Juice [Williams-Sonoma Juice Week]

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Hi friends!

Beetroot-apple-celery-juiceimage via google

Summer is wrapping up fast and the leaves are going to change before we know it! Summer is a time for sunshine, laying out poolside, and eating fresh veggies but don’t be too sad because fall is for cuddling up in light sweaters and enjoying the cooler temperatures. Since moving to Cali we have enjoyed the farmers markets and fresh produce! my juicer has loved it even more and so has my body! Not to mention there is an organic juice cafe on every corner!  I’m joining the Williams-Sonoma Juice week and here to chat all things juice:)

Now if i am being totally honest sometimes juicing can be THE WORST.  the clean up, carrot pulp, or beet stained hands, can make any normal person run for the hills but let me tell you why i got into juicing and why i love it!

My sweet grandma who would hand me the moon if she could and lives a very healthy lifestyle.  She has a good amount of health restrictions and dietary intolerances and has to monitor what she eats very carefully.  thankfully, she set a healthy precedent for us as little ones in her home.  i was an awful baby.   i was allergic to dairy, formula, and had bad stomach issues (which i still deal with now).  I feel terrible my mom had to deal with me and hopefully i’ve made up for it since:) my grandma suggested we try goats milk so we headed to the goat farm to give it a shot.  only one problem… no one informed my mom it needed to be diluted so i basically was drinking straight cream.  well you can guess how that turned out and i’ve got baby pictures to prove how fat i got!   once my grandma made the connection it was the cream making me large and not really improving my stomach issues, they started juicing to help me get the nutrients i needed. I LOVED IT! I drank so much fresh carrot juice the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet turned orange!  As long as i can remember my grandma has used fresh juice to remedy many a problem and it was always a treat at grandmas house when she juiced. She has perfected the art of fresh apple and every time i juice i can only think of my sweat grandma.

Dealing with the stomach issues i have, juicing has helped me absorb nutrients that i am lacking as well as improv my overall health. The real challenge  is getting my husband on board because he wont touch a salad with a 10 ft pole let alone a fresh batch of apple/carrot juice. Maybe i’ll work him in slowly with all fruit juices:) i’ll keep ya posted on that one.

Juicing can be easy too! its the perfect way to use up some produce and who doesn’t love saving a few dollars making your own juice?! I posted about my juicer here if you are looking into getting one.  I am in the market for a new one and found a few different brands I would love to have! I am looking into this Breville Juicer Fountain Plus. Ive read a lot of reviews for Breville and all have mostly been positive! There is a range of price too depending on what you are willing to spend. You can check out more information about Juicers at Williams-Sonoma’s Juicer page   A few of my favorite combinations that are super easy (i’m all about easy) are below! I don’t use any real measurements which makes it a little more fun to have your own creations. Does anyone else feel a little like a witch brewing a potion while juicing?! Because I do…

  1. Spinach + Apple + Carrot + Lemon
  2. Pineapple + Cucumber
  3. Carrot+Apple+Ginger
  4. Green Apple+Spinach+Kale+Lemon
  5. Blood Orange+Tangerine +Grapefruit

I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes! Tell me your funny juicing stories or share your go to juice! If you’re not a juicing fan feel free to stop by the James household anytime and i’ll change your mind:)


Jessie Ann

a spoonful of sugar helps the hard stuff go down

Posted on: July 5, 2014


food is always on my mind. since trying to get my health fixed i’ve got to keep an eye on what goes in and how i feel. juggling leaky gut syndrome, low blood sugar, severe anemia, and food intolerances, most days all i want is everything i can’t have. its really no fun at all but you gotta do what you gotta do.  lately i’ve been working through some bad blood test results ( work in progress) and dealing with the high’s and lows of the creation process of a show. life is really great but for those moments its not, i find a good treat does the trick.  so there’s my confession. i’ll take a treat with that bad news and start over tomorrow.


jessie ann


strong is the new skinny…or is it?

Posted on: April 22, 2014


so you’ve all heard that statement and i am glad our world is moving from stick thin being the only source of beautiful to something more relatable.  but is it? i can’t relate to that woman above.  she probably has worked her butt off (literally) to look that way.  sucking down protein and spending hours at the gym.  we have gone from one extreme to the other.  i’m either staring at super models and wishing i was thin or staring at these ripped woman and thinking i’m a failure for a lack of rock hard abs.  i’m a big fitness girl.  i love it. i love working out and eating healthy but i will NEVER look like her.  i will not spend my life at the gym 3 hours a day and packing coolers of chicken to every family gathering. i will however workout, eat healthy, and try my best to love myself.  but i sure hope that it doesn’t take 6 pack abs for me to be happy.

why aren’t we celebrating a real woman? a woman that spends time with her family, works out regularly, eats an occasional brownie, and has bad hair days? i wanna see and read stories about those women who still find times for themselves without sacrificing a balanced life. in no way am i putting down those who compete in fitness comps or body building i just don’t think its a realistic image to strive for as a regular women.  i still want to be considered beautiful without having to turn my life into a fitness comp.  i’m starting it here.  i am declaring that i will try my hardest to love my body as is and as it’s going to evolve when i have kids someday. i’m going to love the fact my genetics are the way they are and keep working out as i do. my goal for this next week is spend time with carson, eat, sweat, and have fun:) sounds like a good time to me!

that’s my rant for your tuesday.


jessie ann

Watcha Wearing Wednesday: Winter Workout Edition

Posted on: November 13, 2013

wow that was a lot of w’s…maybe i was trying too hard:) we all are well aware that i love to workout.  i’ve dabbled in all of it really and loved some and hated others…i.e. running.  still trying to wrap my love around that one:) nothing is better than feeling cute while you are sweating right? i know i am more motivated to workout when i feel good about myself in some cute gear:) lets be real for a second. workout clothes can sometimes get pricy but i am all about my stuff lasting for a few years and looking like i bought it yesterday:) be sure to click on the small photos below for a direct link to each product!

Workout Winter

*this post is not sponsored just a reflection of what i love to sweat in!

~jessie ann

getting ready for summer

Posted on: May 15, 2013

Well hello friends! It has been a few days since I have posted! I hope that Mothers Day was enjoyable for all the mothers and future mothers out there.

Image Via Tone It Up

It is FINALLY  warming up around here! It makes me so happy to get a little sun on my skin and see my freckles back out:) Witha that being said I am not so sure I am swim suit ready yet! Last week was a little indulgent so here is to a much better one! I am not sure if any of you have checked out the darling Karena and Katrina lately from but they have an awesome program right now called the bikini series and guess what?! Its free! You heard me right. A complete workout program for the week and guide to nutriton ALL FOR FREE! I should’ve jumped on this weeks ago but I just discovered it! So I am sharing it all with you because all the workouts can be done at a gym or right outside in this beautiful weather! Here are a few of my favs just to give you and idea..

YouTube Preview Image

All workouts and images above are from Tone It Up

Its great! Obviously it’s kicking my butt but that is exactly what I need! I still have to be careful on how much I exert myself (still have to take it a little easy on docs orders so no long runs for me) So I do my best with what I am allowed to do but it’s been a lot of fun and it feels great to sweat:) So jump on board! sign up here

Happy shredding!


Jessie Ann

7 Day ab challenge

Posted on: April 18, 2013

Yep I said it.  Ab challenge.  We all have that trouble area that we can’t fix and I have been doing my best to make my abs in the kitchen but I want that 6 pack! I gathered all the exercises from pinterest and made it my own:) So here it is so you can do it with me!

7 Day Ab Challenge

(Do each move for one minute each)

  • Leg Lifts (place your palms under your lower spine and lay back onto your elbows so your shoulders are off the ground.  Lift legs slowly and keep abs contracted)

  • Scissor Kicks (keeping body in same positon lift legs off floor and scissor kick them crossing legs)

  • Swim Kicks (keeping body in same position switch legs back in forth like swimming:)

  • Reverse leg lifts (grab a hold of a table or chair behind you and lay flat on the ground.  Lift legs up and past head to touch chair/table and back to the floor

  • Plank. (my favorite! hold core to spine and keep neck and spine long)

  • 25 pushups

Repeat as many times as your abs can stand it!

I’m off to get er done!


Jessie ann




spoonful of a new year

Posted on: January 2, 2013

its a new year! i can’t belive that it is 2013 and the next phase of our lives is already in motion.

we’ve got some big changes headed our way this year and we can’t be more ready for them! i’ll fill ya all in on those changes once the time is right but for now let’s chat a little about Whole30.  i’m sure that a few of you have seen that hashtag on my faeebook/instagram and wondering what the heck it’s about.  well, let me tell ya:)

basically its 30 days (or longer) to reset your food habits.  no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no beans, and NO CHEATING.  so i am eating high quality meats, lots of veggies, fruits, and nuts and seeds.  i’ve got some silly digestive issues so i did a bunch of research and decided this was a great way to listen to my body and begin to understand whats really going on inside:) and hopefully shed a few lbs along the way! the first two days have been great so i am hoping it just gets easier as i go:) if anyone of you are interested, i suggest you check out the book “It Starts With Food” and the whole30 website for more detailed info.

so wish me luck on my first “new years resolution’!

what are your health goals this year??


jessie ann

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