Because Friday got away from me..


Friday seemed to slip right away from me! Arg! I hate that! So I am breaking my Friday Sign off day rule and giving you a quick Saturday post:)

First off…

I’ve taken on another Instagram challenge! Follow me @jessieann and join the fun!

Secondly, I did not workout yesterday so its time to hit it hard today! I’m thinking either Zuzana’s ZWOW #6 or Tone It Up’s Beach Babe Workout! I’m so glad these lovely ladies produce these videos because I love working out at home! I recently cancelled the Golds Gym membership and I’m excited to get into a Yoga Studio soon! Woot!

And…I’m looking to further my fitness and nutrition knowledge! I have recently been looking into becoming a Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition! I also have been dabbling in the idea of getting Barre Certified and someday Pilates Certified on a reformer machine! I can’t wait! So many avenues that I am interested in taking!  All are a little costly so It”ll take some time, but why not?!


Jessie Ann


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4 Responses to Because Friday got away from me..

  1. Tara Burner says:

    I’m not on instagram :(

    and I’ve heard great things about Integrative Nutrition!

    • jessie.james says:

      Hey Tara!

      I bet you could do the challenge on Facebook too! I’m excited about the Integrative Nutrition program! Im glad to hear you have heard good things!

  2. oh gosh I cannot keep up with all these photo challenges!

  3. jessie.james says:

    Hahah! There are so many out there now! I saw a fitness one the other day too!

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