Juice With Jessie Ann

Posted on: March 23, 2015

IMG_1934Happy monday friends! Spring is officially here and I’ve started a new weekly organic basket pickup! Every saturday we pick up our basket from Abundant Harvest  without a clue of what veggies/fruits we will be receiving.  Whatever is in season and the most fresh, we get! The basket was filled with a ton of delicious produce and a lot of lemons! I decided not to let anything go to waste and make some fresh juice! Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

Carrot + Apple + Lemon (Pictured above)

Spinach + Apple + Carrot + Lemon

Pineapple + Cucumber


Green Apple+Spinach+Kale+Lemon

Blood Orange+Tangerine +Grapefruit

Juice is something I love and is way overpriced here in LA! I can always tell when I need a fresh veggie juice.  Yesterday I was lethargic and guessed I was low on iron, I’m anemic, so I juiced some spinach I had in the fridge.  Just enough for a shot because it was nasty, but the health benefit was immediate.  I felt my body telling me that was just what I needed and I had more energy and clarity for the rest of the day! I would rather heal my body naturally than pop a pill any day! What’s your favorite juice recipe?



I’m Feelin’ Lucky Today

Posted on: March 17, 2015


It’s St Patty’s Day! As a kid I LOVED this holiday! Green pancakes for breakfast, little leprechaun feet in the house, and pinching anyone not in green! I was the kid decked out in green at school! My favorite! As I get older this holiday kinds of turns into Thanksgiving for me.  I look around and realize how lucky I am.

I feel lucky to live in a day an age where I can chase my dreams as a woman.  I am not held back by society to hold a career.  I feel lucky to be a woman in general.  I feel lucky when the time comes to carry a baby and create a new little life.

I feel lucky to be married.  I married young and while its not for everyone, it was for me.  I feel lucky to spend my ups and downs with my best friend.  I feel lucky we have each other to laugh, cry, and support. I feel lucky to be loved and in love.

I feel lucky to live in sunny California.  I don’t feel lucky to sit in traffic, but I do feel lucky to lay in the sun, dance all week long, and meet new people.

I feel lucky to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel lucky to find members wherever we are.  I feel lucky to know god and his love.

I feel lucky to have a body.  A body I push to the limits with exercise and one that allows me to move freely.

I feel lucky to be a dancer.  I wouldn’t wish this lack of job security on anyone, but I do feel lucky to use my body as a tool of communication and performance.  I feel lucky to be able to touch people with movement and tell my stories.

I feel lucky to be alive.

Are you feeling lucky today?


At Home With The James: 6 Killer DIY Projects For Your Home

Posted on: March 6, 2015

I shared my favorite snap shot of our home with our gallery wall and now I am itching to DIY the rest of the apartment! Our style has changed so much since we’ve been married and I’m thankful for it.  Looking back at our first place makes me giggle at what I had on the walls :)


I’ve gathered some of my favorite and easy DIY’s that will hopefully end up in the James household soon! My favorite ladies over at A Beautiful Mess are the queens of DIY and I am dreaming of this Acrylic Message Board. The possibilities are endless with this board! I can see it in our future nursery too! (no we are not prego…someday)


All thanks to my husband being a 3m employee, I am loaded with washi tape and came across this DIY Washi Tape Wall from everythingemily. I have the perfect wall in store for this!


Another DIY from A Beautiful Mess.  Can you tell I am a little obssesed with them?! This Honeycomb Shelving would be perfect in our bathroom.


This may be my favorite.  I am a sucker for simple and the contrast of black and white.  What a great idea for cable organization.

all sides 2

Geometric shapes are my jam. I stumbled upon this photo display over at The Caldwell Project and it’s perfect.  Gold wires, Polaroid style photos, and shapes! If you wanna come over this weekend we can make this. Bring a treat…


 Last but not least the Hanging Book Shelf. Guys….. this is it. This is all I need in my bedroom and I could die happy. Such a whimsical little accent for our bedroom!



When I’m Not Blogging

Posted on: March 2, 2015


How about that new headshot?! Do I look like I could book a disney audition? Let’s sure hope so! This LA dance world is so silly sometimes. Let’s move on…

Hello to all my new readers! Welcome welcome! Although I am not an everyday blogger, I don’t have a lot of important things to say daily, many of you newbies may wonder what I do behind the scenes.


When I’m not blogging you can find me catching up on my favorite shows while I clean or cook.  I’m not sure why but I can’t handle the silence of an empty house.  I like to have background noise while I clean and get things done.  Silence is a little off putting to me!

When I’m not blogging you can find me digging through itunes and spotify for new music.  As a choreographer and teacher I am always on the search for new material to inspire me!

When I’m not blogging I’m working part time at lululemon athletica.  Yes, it is VERY dangerous for my paycheck considering that’s all I wear.

When I’m not blogging I am bumping around my kitchen working on choreography. Its the only space large enough in our apartment and it conveniently has wood flooring. The puppies seem to think they need to be involved as well.

When I’m not blogging I am on a plane.  I seriously need an apartment at the airport because I seem to be there way to often.  Its bittersweet because when I travel I am usually headed to a studio and I LOVE those trips, but I don’t love the airport.

When I’m not blogging I’m running the puppies out to piddle.  Their bladders are way to small.

When I’m not blogging you can find me in class. Dance, yoga, pilates, you name it!  I love LA for this reason! It’s always humbling, but if I could be paid to take class that would be a dream.

When I’m not blogging you can catch my husband and I eating homestyle flavored popcorn, in front of netflix, and surfing amazon. We are proud amazon prime members.  If you aren’t prime you should look into that:)

When I’m not blogging you can catch me surfing my favorite blog for DIY home decor and wishing I was that creative. They’re pretty creative over there:)

Life behind the scenes may not be terribly exciting but it’s the life I love.


p.s. did you enter the J Crew giveaway?!


$100 J Crew Giveaway

Posted on: February 24, 2015


After a day of travel and recovery I am home in sunny LA.  What a week I had in Minnesota with my 2nd family and I had forgotten how much I love being in the studio with those kids.  I am one lucky lady to have amazing people out there who value my work and allow me to create and choreograph on their kids. You can check out my instagram for pictures of the week and competition results.

Enough about me, lets get right the juicy stuff! A group of awesome bloggers have all pooled together for an amazing giveaway for a $100 J Crew Gift card that can be used in store or online.  Spring is around the corner and it’s time for a closet update! I’m drooling over this Midi Skirt and as always this baggy knit tee is catching my eye. Why don’t I wear clothes that fit me you ask? A baggy tee is simply the way to my heart but this Weather Coral Blazer on the other hand is to die for too! Decisions decisions my friends and now its up to you! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



One Year Older And Wiser Too

Posted on: February 19, 2015


In many ways, 23 was a bittersweet year for me.  Many life changes and amazing career opportunities coupled with personal growth and challenges. Looking back it is always interesting to see what really matters at the end of it all and what moments made an impact on me. If I could assign a motto to live by as my new 24 yr old self it would be to “be brave”. Show courage and step into the unknown bravely and confidently knowing that god is on my side with the many people I love. Be brave and jump head first into the deep end trusting that I can swim. Be brave and stand with strength when my career screams rejection. Be brave.



At Home With the James: Valentines Waffle Bar

Posted on: February 17, 2015


We decided to spend our Valentines Day in this year and just enjoy each other! I also had to leave the next morning at 6 am so a late night out wasn’t an option! I picked up all of our favorite toppings and we topped our waffles how we liked! Perfect date night or party idea!


Our favorite spreads! There was syrup too (duh). Ever tried almond butter on a waffle? Delicious.
IMG_1728Blueberries, Raspberries, Chocolate Chips, Whipped Cream, & Pecans! Strawberries would have been perfect too!




Another valentines down, infinity to go.



New Artist Round Up

Posted on: February 12, 2015

 Hi all! Not sure if I have mentioned this before but if I wasn’t a dancer, I would’ve been a musician.  I have no idea if I am musically inclined since I jumped into dance as a baby but music affects me almost more than dance does.  Dance doesn’t happen without music first.  Without the hard work of the artist, dance doesn’t mean a whole lot.  I’m so affected by lyric choice, instruments, and overall sound.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites as of late. Some aren’t exactly brand new, but new to my favorite playlists!

PicMonkey Collage1. Jack Garratt. 2. Chet Faker. 3. Purtity Ring. 4. Of Rust And Bone. 4. Laura Welsh. 5. Vaults. 6. Lewis Watson. 7. Son Lux. 8. Laurel.



Braids Braids Braids

Posted on: February 9, 2015

PicMonkey Collagesource
After the Grammy’s last night all I wanna do is chop my hair! How cute was Katy Perry? Kim K even chopped her locks! I’m in love with braids and I find it tough to braid thin, medium length hair so I’ve been scouring pinterest for cute braided styles. I think I was a gypsy in my past life because I love a messy braided look.  Effortless and still looks “put together”.  Who doesn’t love that?! Especially on a monday when the last thing you wanna do is spend time on your hair! I’ll admit I struggle at braiding and my poor future children will probably look to their dad to braid their hair but practice makes perfect! And who doesn’t love a good beauty inspiration post?!



So I’m not A Size 2

Posted on: February 4, 2015

IMG_1664I boasted at the beginning of the year that this would be a space that I can be honest and real. Today I begin to write from that deep part of me that I am scared to let anyone see.  I’m not a size 2. My waist doesn’t measure 25 inches around, I have a large rib cage, and broad shoulders. I’m also a dancer.  Does that surprise you with what I just told you? I don’t how many times I’ve heard that “dancers have perfect bodies”.  Many do but guess what world?!  I am not one of them.  I don’t fit the dancer mold and I’ve battled that idea for years.  Chances you’d look at me and say “athlete yes, but dancer I’m not sure”.  I don’t know when the perfect dancer mold was formed but it only fits about 2% of the world and unfortunately that 2% all lives in the dance world. I keep telling myself I am going to do this my way, just the way I am, but that thought often slips when someone looks at you and says “work harder at the gym”. What that person doesn’t know is anything about me.  What can you possibly know by just looking at me? My “look” doesn’t show you that I work hard, I exercise, I obsess over good music, I love deeply, I laugh a lot, I sing terribly in the shower, I love taking class, and I love to eat a good meal. Sadly my “look” will determine what auditions I am sent to or what jobs I book and I have to be ok with that.  This is an internal battle I deal with all the time and I am no master of those negative thoughts but it’s a start. I refuse to let the dance world ruin me or turn me into something I am not. This is in no way to shame those 2% that are lucky with great genetics and probably work hard for their bodies.  I can only speak for me. And I will only speak for me. “You are amazing, remember that.”



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