Easy Summer Hair Inspo

Posted on: July 19, 2015

I am one lazy gal when it comes to my hair! I’m all about air dry with a natural wave and it usually ends up in a top knot 4 times weekly. I gathered my fave summer hair inspirations for a little update in my do!

PicMonkey Collage1. Top Knot 2. Braided Half Up 3. Braided back. 3. Twisted Half Up

What’s your summer hair go-to?



I can’t do all the things….

Posted on: July 13, 2015


This one may get a little churchy so consider yourself warned. I was sitting in church sunday and wasn’t feeling well.  I made it through sacrament meeting, then sunday school, and considered heading home for the 3rd meeting.  Sunday school ended and I about stood up to go but decided I could last a little longer.  The teacher walked over and handed me a quote to read during the lesson.  I couldn’t leave now.

The lesson began and it was about love.  Pure Christ like love.  Most of the lesson was pulled from talks by Cheicko Okazaki.  She has numerous books and spoke a lot for our church but I had never heard of her previous to the lesson.  I glanced down to the quote and of course it was everything I needed to hear.  It’s no coincidence she had me read the following from her talk.

“We need to love ourselves. Remember that in a gospel sense love means and unconditional desire for the eternal well-being of a soul. Do we feel that we’re worthy of such an unconditional regard? Not just someday. Not just if we do everything on the list.  But right now? The lord is my helper.  I can go to him.  He loves me and wants an eternity of good things for me.  But he also wants to give me seconds, and minutes, and hours of good things right now. This is true for you, too. He’s not waiting for us to become perfect before we can be happy.  We can take our time. We can enjoy ourselves. We can consult our own needs and wants. We can forgive ourselves for what we can’t do, and we can be patient about the things we can’t do yet.  We can lighten up and stop punishing ourselves by thinking we have to do it all.”

Pretty heavy stuff right? The conversation went on and we touched upon the pressure that we all feel to be perfect. The pressure to be the best house wife, blogger, photographer, killer abs, dancer, choreographer, best dressed… and the list goes on and on and on.

Celebs look perfect from the outside and so do the Jones’ next door.  The reality is we are all fighting our own battles and sometimes I can only do one thing on the list.  That should be enough. Why do we beat ourselves up at the end of the day? So what dinner isn’t done? At least the laundry is! I’m ok with that! I can’t do all the things but I’ll try my best.  If it’s enough for God, it’s certainly enough for me.



My Favorite Day Planner Picks for 2015-2016

Posted on: June 15, 2015

July is quickly approaching and for some of you that means you need a new planner! There is something about sitting down on a sunday to plan out my week.  I need a space to keep track of my schedule, to do lists, and even journal.  Writing out my weekly goals and setting a daily intention sets me up for success and helps nail down my thoughts. I’ve discovered they run a thousand miles an hour and if I don’t jot it down it’s gone.

My iphone just doesn’t do it for me. It’s kind of like reading a book for me. Reading it on a phone or tablet doesn’t create the same feeling.  There is something about turning the pages and the smell of ink on paper. My day planner is the same. I can’t say enough how much I love writing it down, checking things off the list, and color coding my events. I’ve never considered myself the planner type, but I find myself pen in hand, planning and organizing.


Just for you I compiled all of my favorites! Each planner contains more than just a monthly layout and encourage goal setting, journaling, note taking, and to do listing! What more can you ask for?!?!

1. Passion Planner 2. Plum Paper 3.Erin Condren 4.Day Designer 



Darby Smart {Internet Rehab Inside}

Posted on: June 1, 2015

We all are well aware of my love for DIY and the dreams I have for my future home.  Imagine my surprise, while browsing I Spy DIY, when I found a site that provides all the supplies you need!  Bloggers submit designs and you can shop the DIY! All you have to do is add the supplies to your cart and its sent straight to your door. You guys, I was like a kid on Christmas and I’ve already ordered two projects!



Do yourselves a favor and get ordering! This isn’t a sponsored post, I am just legitimately pumped! It’s fool proof and takes minutes! I’ve already made the Mason Jar Terrarium above and starting on the Gold dipped pots!


Happy crafting!




How I Cross Train As A Dancer

Posted on: May 26, 2015

I am a fitness gal. I enjoy working out and breaking a sweat, but unfortunately I am also a short, broad little human who gains muscle fast. Four squats and suddenly my legs are twice the size and I am shopping for new jeans… Maybe not that intense… Sorry…Carson says I can be a little dramatic but you get the point. Crossfit, running, spinning, aerobics, boxing, yoga, i’ve tried it all! Let me tell you about my new found love!


I’m sure most of you have seen a Pilates reformer machine at one point or another.  This bad boy is my new best friend.  I recently got hooked at a studio in Calabasas called SPN Pilates and there is no going back for me. It’s addicting and its a more fitness based pilates class than a classic one.  Faster paced and I always leave dripping sweat and red faced! Which leads me to my next point…..

Pilates has changed my body for the better as a dancer! I feel stronger, longer, and leaner! The work comes from the resistance of the springs that differ in weight load. This particular studio is more fitness based and the classes are faster paced.  I love feeling challenged so it’s good fit for me but a few other studios I have attended offer more classical classes too!  Many choose pilates because it is low impact and a safe way to burn calories without jamming your joints!  It’s amazing the amount of sweat dripping off me when I am asked to stabilize against the weight of the springs!  Many use pilates to rehab injuries as well and I take class with a huge range of clients from young to old!

Thankfully there are so many studios out there offering classes and I challenge you to give one a try! Pilates, weekly dance classes, and yoga are keeping my body healthy.  We ask a lot of our bodies as dancers and it’s important to be good to them. Dancer or not I think health is important! We only get one body, don’t let it expire sooner than it should!

What’s your favorite way to sweat?!



Payson Utah Temple

Posted on: May 13, 2015

If you follow me on instagram you may know that we took a last min trip to Utah this past weekend.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances we headed home to spend time with family and had the amazing opportunity to walk through the new Payson Utah LDS Temple.





IMG_2503Isn’t she adorable? I asked her to pose for a picture and this is what we got! I absolutely love this little one!  How could you not?!

Truly a blessing to walk through the Temple before it is dedicated.  I’ve never been to one that is so large and with so many gorgeous stained glass windows! If you are in Utah, and you have a chance to get down there, I highly recommend it! It’s a special thing to marvel at it’s beauty and feel gods love.


At Home With The James: DIY Wooden Cubes

Posted on: April 25, 2015

ispydiy_boxholderI have been searching and searching for something to fill a large empty wall in our bathroom.  I think I found it! If you have not visited I Spy DIY yet you need to! It’s one of my favorite spots for DIY on the internet!


Clean, simple, and geometric! If you visit Jenni over at I Spy DIY you can get all the links to make this yourself! Happy DIY-ing!



Type Casted Cut

Posted on: April 22, 2015

Another peek behind the curtain into the dance world. I hope you aren’t sick of “dance world” posts yet or else you are in the wrong corner of the internet :) Someone asked me a funny question last night and it sparked my interest to write.  They said “so now that you have an agent, should you have booked a job by now?” I don’t think this person was asking to be pushy or rude just an honest question.  I explained what I am about to explain to all of you.


Thankfully there is a lot of opportunity in LA for dancers right now and a lot of different paths to take. I decided if I am going to be in LA I should explore as many avenues as I can.  Exploring the commercial side is a bit tricker than I am used to.  It comes with a lot more than just dancing. Professional headshots, bodyshots, and dance photos like the one above (terrified to post it so don’t judge) and stepping into auditions and stepping out 5 minutes later.  Type casting is the largest part of the commercial world. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin color, body type etc… I usually walk into an audition and walk out minutes later after not being the right type.  Kind of a bummer but it is what it is and no time wasted.

Its a lot. It’s a lot for me to handle most of the time and I’m learning how to deal with it. What I want the outside world to know is that it’s simple.  50 auditions and you may only book two. It takes time and lots of work to get what you want out here.  I guess you could say I am learning patience and self confidence.  Its not easy to walk in and walk right out but every time it gets a little easier.  Getting cut is no reflection on how good of a person I am or sometimes even my talent! There isn’t a ton I can change about myself but there is always room to grow and improve.  Especially in class! I feel so lucky to be here because this is the place to do just that.  This is the place to change and grow regardless of how many jobs I may or may not book.



Stand Up For Art

Posted on: April 18, 2015



I sat down to write this post and found myself browsing the internet instead.  I haven’t been inspired to write lately and I think it’s because I am so frustrated with the dance world right now. I’m being a little dramatic to categorize my feelings into the entire dance world but I think it boils down the the publics opinion on dance.  Thanks to youtube, instagram, and access to unlimited video, art is slowly fading away.  No one attends live performances anymore and reality TV stars have become more important than great thinkers and artists. I’m no internet bully hiding behind my computer. I respect and often times am impressed by the talent I see on shows like Dance Moms, SYTYCD, and Dancing With The Stars. Many close friends have participated on these shows and have had great success. I sit here to question the value of those shows. I’ve auditioned for SYTYCD and actually got through vegas week.  Its was hard but an amazing opportunity to be dancing along side americas best.  The only problem was that the producers and judges were only interested in my back story or if I could do cool tricks.  I stood there as a nervous 19 year old as the judges proceeded to tell me I lacked personality.  Am I not interesting enough as a dancer? What about as a human being? What about as an artist? Is art defined by the amount of turns I can do or how flexible I am? I certainly hope not because I won’t get very far if that’s the case.  Art is exploration, not perfection. Art is visual. Art is human expression.

You may be offended to hear this but little dancers on stage in chin stands and scorpions does nothing for my soul! Flips and tricks is old news guys.  Where is their room for real dancers in this industry? The world believes dance is about the wow factor and perfect dancer bodies.  It’s not.  It’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s been done and challenging our bodies past their limits. I wish the world could see what goes on in the studio and the magic that happens there. Why is it so hard for you to hire me without a famous name or TV show under my belt?  Is my talent enough? It’s sad that some of the most brilliant dancers I know are turned away SYTYCD or America’s Got Talent because they didn’t show off cool tricks on stage.  Boring! Or they didn’t have an inspiring enough back story.  That boggles my mind. Everyone has fought their own personal battles, large or small, let it be about dance! Because I’ve lived a “normal life” and have a normal girl body type I won’t make it in this business. I refuse to believe that. I stand up for art and my craft.  Its about time the rest of the world does too…



What You Don’t See On Social Media

Posted on: April 3, 2015


Meagan over at Because Of Jackie recently posted about things she isn’t great at and it inspired me to write a similar post! Social media (mostly instagram) makes the world look a little too perfect.  I mean who really posts that unflattering picture or messy kitchen? No one! So here it is folks.  All my dirty laundry for you to see :)

Documenting my life.  As you can see above I was scraping the barrel for a picture with this post.  I don’t love pictures of myself and therefore never take em! I’m also pretty terrible at bowling so I guess its a relative picture.

Closing the cupboards. Carson hates it. I can’t seem to close a cupboard after using it.  That goes with shutting doors too. oops…My mind moves a hundred miles an hour and I can’t keep up!

I am terrible at math. Anything that has the slightest to do with numbers shuts my brain off. It’s a good thing I picked a dance career because I would have struggled otherwise! Sorry future littles, daddy is going to have to help you with homework. #sorrynotsorry

Organizing my closet is a daily battle. When I’m at work and folding yoga pants, I am the master organizer, but for some reason when I get home I can’t bring myself to be that organized. Its a mystery.  Lack of efficiency at works kills me but I am not that stressed about it at home.

I hate to say this one since I pretend so well (wink wink) but I am not a good cook.  I have maybe 3 meals I am good at and they are already mostly prepared by trader joes. I’ve gotta work on that one…

Sometimes being a girl! The last thing on my mind is a mani/pedi or even blow drying my hair for that matter! I do love getting ready on the days I have to so maybe that one needs to be more of a habit :) I’ll keep ya posted on that one.

I get distracted very easily.  Completing the task at hand rarely happens because I have been distracted by another task in the other room. They eventually all get done, but wouldn’t it be easier if I just finished it and then moved on? The answer to that one is yes. Yes it would.

I can’t say no. I get stuck planning events or gatherings and I hate it! I cannot say no without a huge explanation. Am I alone on this one?! Disappointing people kills me!

There it is friends. Social media makes everyone look perfectly put together but in reality we’re all just human. Probably comparing ourselves to each other not realizing everyone is fighting their own battles, large or small. I consider cleaning my closet a battle.



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